About Us

The Ethics

It's all in the name - yes the moral here is "DO NO EVIL". Once that's out of the way, we must say that, we value friendship more than any other rewards. Finally we do and ask our friends to do their bit for the mother world.

The Team

Project Manager & Co-Founder

AI and Robotics graduate with some healthy business exposure. Looks after the business and clients to make sure everybody involved is happy. A fast bowling all rounder and thinks he would be a cricketer if not in business.

Lead Developer

AI and Robotics graduate with very specific mindset. Good with programming and great at work as he doesn't sleep till he knocks off a problem. Sometimes he would have a nap but only to get a fresh start. Listens to Spanish lessons while sleeping.

Comms Executive - Freelance

BA in Journalism, MSc in International Relations, worked in communications with Easyjet and European Parliament. Always thinks out of the box. Well, that sums it up all.

​Developer & Accounts Manager

Bradley is passionate about designing and developing content. Has a good eye for detail and loves sport, Football and American Football being his favourite. Wants to live life to the fullest and explore the world.